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The CoA is a central information structure for financial and management reporting. In this article, I look at the history behind the chart of accounts, discuss the implications of setting it up in SAP (from R/3 to S/4HANA) and provide recommendations on the approach to an optimised design.

2020 has seen a rise in the discussion of cost reduction. In this article, I briefly discuss the approach to cost reduction and highlight ten cost-saving opportunities.

Over the years I’ve noticed a pattern where project managers tend to focus too much on methodologies and not enough on people, in this article I provide some suggestions on how to better manage people during project work.

There is a resurgence in large organisations investing in SAP upgrades with S/4HANA. But what exactly is S/4HANA and what is HANA? I’ll review the history and technical concepts behind the solution and provide some tips for implementation.

Blockchain aka distributed ledger technology is one of the most hyped technologies of recent times. Despite the popularity, it is a specialised solution and only suitable for specific use cases. Understanding how it works under the hood makes it easier to identify the right use-cases with genuine benefits. This article explains how blockchain works.

Digital technologies are often presented with a lot of marketing spin and a lack of substance. In this guide, I’ll briefly discuss technologies classified as digital and provide some recommendations on how to approach developing a digital strategy.

Finance aims to record all financially relevant activities of a business and provide reporting and analysis for external bodies and for management. In this article I breakdown the record to report process and look at a number of ways to improve it.

Other activities

HakkaNoTogame.com; my photography website combined with occasional travel / slice of life blog posts. My photography is focussed mainly on travel and street scenes with the occasional car/truck/bike.

GreatGlenClassics.com; my 1980s classic car side business. I buy, restore and sell cars and trucks from the 1980s.